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13 Elo 2017, 13:15

Ensimmäiset esiintyjät julkaistu:



Elmu ry:ltä löytyy perinteinen Wacken matka Wacken Open Air 2018 festarilipulla.
Matka on bussi/laivamatka hyvässä seurassa ja jo nyt kovan kysynnän takia lisäbussi tulossa!
Lisätiedot Wacken matkasta: http://matkailu.elmu.fi/wacken-open-air

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06 Marras 2017, 17:43

Lisää esiintyjiä !

Dimmu Borgir
Children of Bodom
Judas Priest
Vince Neil

Elmu ry:n Wacken Open Air 2018 matkapaketissa myös hotelli matka Wackeniin!
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13 Marras 2017, 17:56


Darkness, demons, death and destruction - these terms are certainly among the core competencies of Metal. Befitting the occasion of Halloween, we add five scary bands to the billing of the upcoming festival!

Polish Death Metal Masters Behemoth are finally back in Wacken! The band hasn't played in Germany for some time, but now they will return with a new album and a completely new stage show.

The successor to their masterpiece "The Satanist" is impatiently awaited, but Nergal and his men are still in the cards. We don't know what to expect but are certainly very curious!

Two shows will be performed by Samael in Wacken! Their "Worship and Ritual Show" focusses on the first two albums "Worship Him" ​​and "Blood Ritual". These two records are considered by many to be absolute milestones of early Black Metal.

The second Samael show at W:O:A will deal with the current material of the band. On October 13th, the new studio album called "Hegemony" was released and this one wants to be presented live as well. The pure Black Metal of the early days has come together in a mix of Industrial, Black, Death and also Doom.

The most brutal duo of the northern German metal scene will play in Wacken for the second time! Hanno and Erinç from Mantar have released their second album and an EP since their first visit back in 2015 and further refined their Sludge Metal.

The on stage sound of the two musicians is truly gigantic, and other bands, even with four or five instruments, can not match this intensity.

Night Demon
The classic heavy metal is far from dead! Bands like Night Demon from the USA prove that even newcomers can add something new to the forefather of metal genres - in a brilliant way!

The band founded in 2011 already released two albums and we are looking forward to their debut in Wacken.

Walking Dead On Broadway
Deathcore made in Germany - the Leipzig band of Walking Dead On Broadway destroys everything in it's way to glory. They have already released two albums and now they teamed up with a new singer to attack again.
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01 Joulu 2017, 10:43

Wacken Open Air julkaisee päivittäin jouluattoon asti uusia bändejä!

Tänään julkaistu Enslaved
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03 Joulu 2017, 14:00

Lisää esiintyjiä julkaistu:

Nails is one thing above all: Brutal! Death, hate and violence are their topics and the songs get straight to the point - a complete album with 10 songs can come to only 15 or 20 minutes run length. The band was founded in 2007 and doesn't has to hide from the veterans of the Hard/Grind/Power/Whatever-core scene. If you like a good punch in the face, you shouldn't miss them at Wacken 2018!

The German band Attic pays tribute to bands like Mercyful Fate, Pentagram and Judas Priest, but they have created their very own sound by doing this. Occultism, satanism and horror are the topics of choice, which are already brought to the public with two albums. Wer're looking forward to a devilish fun!

Riot V
"Swords and tequila, carry me through the night!" Riot V will rock Wacken finally! The Americans were simply known as Riot until 2012 and have been active since the 70s. Under this name they also played in Wacken, back in 1998. After the death of guitarist and founding member Mark Reale, the musicians decided to continue under the name of Riot V with a new lineup. The band started out as a classic heavy metal band but is also considered to be an influential co-founder of American power metal.

"Vodka, wipes away your tears" says the Korpiklaani hit vodka - but this confirmation shouldn't generate tears at all. In 2009 the band visited us for the last time and now we can welcome them again. In the meantime, the band was anything but idle, the Finns have released three complete studio albums, a live album and several singles. Their songs pay homage to nature and mysticism, as well as alcohol. Welcome back!
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08 Joulu 2017, 09:14

Seuraavat bändit julkaistu:

In Flames
The Swedish Melodic Death Metal band In Flames certainly doesn’t need a huge presentation here - their shows at Wacken are in a class of their own, there is hardly another band, that gets so much energy activated within the crowd.

Since its founding in 1990, the sound of the band has evolved continuously, each new album has its own peculiarities that sets it apart from its predecessors - and yet In Flames have always remained In Flames.

Whether the label Melodic Death Metal is still tenable or not, is a discussion that is busily conducted - but actually it is secondary, because the main thing is that the band continues to deliver as usual. And this happens of course!

The Finnish masters of epic Melodic Death Metal have only played at Wacken once, back in 2006. Now it's time for the second round! For some years, there have been no new material from the band, but 2017 brought a lot of exciting things! Financed by a crowdfunding campaign, the third studio album The Forest Seasons was released, which is just as good as the first two albums. And that’s not all: Further campaigns, new albums and, of course, great concerts are planned too!

Blues Pills
Even we find it a bit strange, that the Blues Pills haven’t played in Wacken yet - but now the time has come! The Swedes have whirled the scene sustainable and helped to launch a new retro wave. Already the first two albums of the band could place themselves in the Top 10 of the German album charts and it rained awards and praise from all sides.

With Converge we present you one of the bands that are considered the inventors of Metalcore! The Americans are making the stages unsafe since 1990 and many modern bands call the band an important influence for their own style. The band's 9th album, The Dusk in Us, was released this year, and it got an insane Metacritic score of smooth 90 points with it.

Gaahls Wyrd
The Norwegian Black Metal mastermind Gaahl finally returns to Wacken! So far, he and his colleagues of Gaahls Wyrd have been playing the material of his old bands Trelldom, Gorgoroth and God Seed live, but new songs are already planned. Welcome back to Wacken!

ELMU ry:n Wacken busseissa vielä vapaita paikkoja!
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12 Joulu 2017, 16:11

Lisää bändejä, mm seuraavat:

Mr. Big
Don't make the mistake of reducing Mr. Big to the two-three hits known in the mainstream - that does not do them justice! Founded in 1988, the US Hard Rockers have released their ninth studio album this year and once again, it has become a great one. Vocalist Eric Martin rocked Wacken with Avantasia already and we are very curious to see him performing with his own band at our stages!

The necessary pinch of New York Hardcore will come from Madball in 2018! The band started as a side project of Agnostic Front in the late 80s, but quickly emancipated from this status. A reputation as an excellent live band in combination with the very successful first albums led to a great fanbase quickly. The musicians have never stopped to distribute acoustic ass-kickings and we look forward to their W:O:A debut!

The band Dokken was named after their singer and founder Don Dokken and comes to Wacken for the second time! So far, the band had only rocked Wacken once in 1999 and a lot has happened since then. The band is usually called a Hard Rock act, but also the labels Glam and Hair Metal could match. Since its founding in 1979, 11 studio albums have been released, the last one was recorded in 2012. But a new album will be released in the summer of 2018!

Manilla Road
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18 Joulu 2017, 11:01

Wacken festarista tehty 360-virtuaali dokumentti!

"Samm Dunn and the teams of Bangers Films and Secret Location have created and released the first interactive Virtual Reality documentary about a music festival - and they dit it with us in Wacken!

More than just a high-energy, sensory experience, Welcome to Wacken transports viewers to the beer gardens, party tents, wrestling rings and on stage with Arch Enemy. The documentary is available for Gear VR, iOS and Google Cardboard at the moment. Releases for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive will be announced in 2018!

The multi-chapter documentary is told in five parts by different fans from around the world, allowing viewers to revisit chapters to discover new details of the festival, explore optional viewpoints that unlock as the story progresses and uncover bonus content."

lisätiedot. https://wackenvr.com/
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21 Joulu 2017, 09:18

Lisää esiintyjiä julkaistu mm seuraavat:

Alien Weaponry
These three folks are hailing from New Zealand and they will play at Wacken for the very first time! Their music combines Thrash Metal with traditional Māori music. Even some songs are sung in the Māori language. We're looking forward to have them!

The Hardcore / Punk Rock outfit Clowns from Australia will make its Wacken debut too! Mangy and gawking, but not dull, is the maxim of the young band. This year they have released their new album "Lucid Again" which they are now promoting with several concerts all over the world.

Lee Aaron
American Queen of Heavy Metal, Lee Aaron, is going to join Wacken for the very first time! The Canadian was particularly active in the 80s and 90s. In this time, the singer had several albums in the charts world-wide. Nowadays she isn't as active as back in the days, but she continues to produce good albums and still delivers hot shows!

Grave Pleasures
Finnish dark rocker Grave Pleasures (former Beastmilk) are coming to Wacken too! The band rearranged itself between the 1st and 2nd album and changed the name as well. The unusual combination of retro elements, catchiness and fresh ideas had remained and the latest outputs have been at least as good as the first one.

The progressive Doom Metal act Dool from the Netherlands ist ready for its Wacken debut too. The band was found in 2015 and has already created some attention within the scene. Already the first album got a high position in the German album charts and they toured successful with acts like Me and That Man.

The Norwegian Folk Metal Trollfest will be attending W:O:A for the first time in 2018! The name of the band describes the band quite good: The lyrics primarily treat trolls or parties. Or trolls who celebrate a party. It's a little bit hard to tell, because the musicians use the fictional language Trollspråk for their songs - a language invented by themselves which consists primarily of (wrong) German and Norwegian. Skål!

The German Hard Rock legend Bonfire will play a very special & exclusively show at Wacken in 2018! The 30th anniversary of their Firework album is coming and the band wants to celebrate this with us and you. Some very special thingsare planned, which we will introduce to you in early 2018. So look forward to the return of Bonfire, who will visit us for the second time after 20 years!

Dying fetus
When Dying Fetus returns to Wacken, 16 years have passed since their first and so far only W:O:A show! In the meantime, the band wasn't idly: The American Death Metal heroes have released several albums. The last one is called "Wrong One To Fuck With" and it shows one important thing: They still kick asses!

Since their very acclaimed show at W:O:A 2017, Clawfinger have been licking blood again. The crossover / rap metallers released a new single a few months ago and 2018 is the 25th anniversary of their legendary debut album Deaf Dumb Blind. The band is celebrating this with us with a special anniversary show and this will be also the only German festival show in 2018.

In the summer of 1996, the men Abbath, Pez and Tore decided together to found a tribute band in honor of their favorite act Motörhead. The three musicians, whom we also know from acts like Immortal and Dark Funeral, are friends since their childhood days and were welded together by Bömbers once more. Anyone who has ever seen the band live will surely confirm: Bömbers from Bergen are the ultimate Motörhead tribute band!

Leaves’ Eyes
With Nightwish and Epica, we have already announced some great Symphonic Metal bands - and today we can add another one! Leaves' Eyes are not only dedicated to the "classic" Symphonic Metal themes such as love, nature a but also to Nordic mythology and the Vikings and their history. Last year the band introduced the new singer Elina Siirala and a new album with her will be released in January 2018.

Zeal & Ardor
The project Zeal & Ardor, created by Manuel Gagneux (alias Birdmask) is described as one of the most exciting new developements within the metal genres. The musicians are mixing Gospel and Black Metal sounds in an exciting way. It's hard to describe their very special sound, you need to hear it by yourself. If you are into experimental metal, you should check it out for sure!

Atmospheric melodies paired with the harsh Icelandic nature, this is the essence of Sólstafir. The roots of the band lay in the rugged Scandinavian Black Metal, but not much of this style is left in their music nowadays. The band has evolved continuously in the direction of post rock and metal, creating a unique kind of magic!

Elmu ry:n Wacken festarimatka busseissa vielä joitakin paikkoja vapaana!
Kaikki matkan hotellipaikat varauksessa , telttamatkalle mahtuu vielä mukaan.
Wacken festarilipun sisältävästä matkasta lisätiedot: https://matkailu.elmu.fi/wacken-open-air
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25 Joulu 2017, 11:48

Wacken joulukalenterin viimeiset julkaisut!

"Our W:O:A X-Mas Calendar and the year 2017 are coming to an end. We say thank you for all the great concerts and moments we shared with you. We are already looking forward to 2018 and especially to W:O:A 2018, it will be a blast!

For the final day of our Calendar, we have prepared some nice additions for our main stages. But this is not the end of announcements, more bands will be added to our lineup within the next months!

Helloween – Pumpkins United
The German power metal legend Helloween is going to rock us with their eagerly awaited Pumpkins United tour! The Pumpkins United banner brings together the current lineup of Helloween and the former members Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske, to perform their biggest hits together on stage!

When we first noticed that this tour is going to happen, it was no question for us that we want to – no, must! – get the Pumpkins to play at the Holy Land. Join us and them for immortal hits like I Want Out or Keeper of the Seven Keys. And of course, their new single Pumpkins United!

When Ghost first played Wacken Open Air in 2011, it was already foreseeable that the band had great potential. But probably nobody could predict, what gigantic dimensions they should have reached only six years later! The Swedish heavy metal band with their satanic yet playful lyrics and the insanely catchy melodies has released two new albums in the meantime. Both were instant successes! The long list of music prizes, which even contains a Grammy, speaks a clear language and the masses of fans can’t be ignored too.

In 2018, Papa Emeritus 0 and his Nameless Ghouls will transform the "Harder" stage into a very special black mass. If you want to convince yourself of the outstanding live qualities of Ghost, you should check the newest release of the band: Ceremony and Devotion, the first Ghost live album!

Steel Panther
Feel the Steel - the fancy Glam Metal heroes from Steel Panther are back in Wacken! The band released its new album “Lower the Bar” earlier this year, and again it was a huge success all over the world. As always, the album features coarse and offensive humor combined with great rock and metal melodies. If you can handle this, you will experience one of the most entertaining shows in Wacken, when the mighty Steel Panther enters the stage.

Cannibal Corpse
New York Death Metal is always in season and we are happy about the return of the Corpsegrinder and his relentless comrades. The band has released its 14th studio album "Red Before Black" in November and it shows up in their usual aggressive manner. Some critics even consider it one of the best in the band's history! The omens for a terrific concert on the W:O:A 2018 are therefore more than good."
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02 Helmi 2018, 15:53


We can we can announce another musical highlight for the upcoming W:O:A: Tremonti! The American metal band combines influences from Thrash Metal, Hard Rock and some other styles. In short you could probably describe the whole thing as Modern Metal or Heavy Rock.

Head of the band is Mark Tremonti, who is already well known as guitarist of Creed and co-founder of Alter Bridge. With Tremonti, he can now follow his own musical visions. To do this proper, he isn't only playing the guitar but also took over the lead vocals.

The musicians have already recorded three studio albums together, a fourth one was just announced. We are looking forward to their debut in Wacken 2018 ! "
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20 Helmi 2018, 11:18

Lisää esiintyjiä:

"Gojira will return to Wacken!
The French band Gojira must undoubtedly be on every list of these days most exciting metal bands. With each new album, they easily manage to break down the boundaries of the genres. Without ever sounding arbitrary and interchangeable or sacrificing their own trademarks!

Whether you call it Technical Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Groove or simply Metal, one thing is clear for sure: Gojira always deliver high class!

The music is hard, but not for the sake of hardness - there is also room for great melodies and clear vocals. And while the music is very progressive and playful, it does not follow the old "the longer, the more progressive" wisdom. The current album Magma does only need about 40 minutes of playing time to present the 10 songs. Almost short for a band with the label progressive.

Fans of the first hour might not always like the development of the band, but open-minded Metalheads will find a unique package of Death, Thrash, Groove and Progressive here.

And of course we need to talk about the band's commitment - the musicians are working together with our friends from Sea Shepherd, who will be at W:O:A too! "

Ladies and gentlemen, dear lovers and haters: Destruction will smash the Wacken Open Air 2018!
The German thrash metal pioneers haven't played at the holy land since 2007, but now it is finally time for them to return!
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24 Helmi 2018, 15:09

WACKEN WARM-UP PARTY Elmun Baarissa (Telakkakatu 8, Helsinki) tänään lauantaina 24.2 (klo 18- ) .
Vapaa sisäänpääsy (ikäraja 18v) !


Huom! S-TOOL, RED ELEVEN, DEAD END SCENE yläkerran Nosturi salissa myös tänään klo.20.30-
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08 Maalis 2018, 23:41

Lisää esiintyjiä julkaistu!

Chris Jericho is not only well known as a wrestler, but also as a metalhead and musician. The music of Fozzy mixes Hard Rock and Alternative Metal and is definitely not the wrong choice for your next party soundtrack!

Act of Defiance
Thrash Metal with (ex) members of Megadeth, Scar the Martyr and Shadow Falls - Act of Defiance are shredding through the scene since 2014. They have already released two albums and we can’t wait wo welcome them.

Jesper Binzer
D-A-D guitarist and singer Jesper Binzer released a solo album! The music still rocks like hell, but it is quite a different style he uses here. A recommendation not only for D-A-D fans.

The medieval metal band Vogelfrey return to Wacken with their new album In Ekstase, which was released in autumn. It is the meanwhile fourth album of the band from Hamburg.

From Indonesia to Wacken! Jasad, which are active since 1990, are playing Brutal Death Metal. The songs are written in English and Indonesian and made of brutal energy!

Progressive Metal band Persefone sets off from Andorra for W:O:A. They are known for tremendous songs and albums with many different elements.

Don’t worry, the Lovebites are NOT the next Kawaii troupe glorified as a metal outfit! The five Japanese ladies are completely into their music and their debut album Awakening from Abyss turned out as a great Heavy / Power Metal record.
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12 Maalis 2018, 12:23

Wacken Open Air 2018 festarilipun sisältävälle matkalle lisäpaikkoja!
Vielä yksi lisäbussi tulossa jos tarpeeksi lähtijöitä, Elmu ry sai varattua vielä lisäerän Wacken festarilippuja!
Jo puolet lisäbussin paikoista varattu! Kyytiin matkalle Valkeakoskelta, Hämeenlinnasta, Helsingistä, Lohjalta, Salosta ja Turusta.

Lisätietoa matkasta ja festarista : http://matkailu.elmu.fi/wacken-open-air
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28 Maalis 2018, 21:38


We're close to the finish line now, but we will not stop yet! Today we can announce some more exciting acts for the upcoming Wacken Open Air.

The new bands:
Ready the longboats, Ensiferum are returning to Wacken! The Finnish Epic Folk Metal band is ready for battle again. Their new album Two Paths from 2017 is in their luggage and we can't wait for their raid! Skindred will return with a new album too! On the 27th of April, the Alternative Metal band will release a new album called Bing Tings. Get ready to rock with them!

Steven Adler will play at Wacken for the very first time. The former Guns n´Roses drummer is reforming his band Adler`s Appetite to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Appetite for Destruction with us.

Another first-timer is 2Cellos. The two Croatian musicians are extremely versatile and use to mix AC/DC and Iron Maiden with Bach and Vivaldi at their shows!

Looking for some Hardcore? Ondt Blod from Norway is here to serve! The band just released it's second album and it turned out great - check it out! Heavy Rock for outlaws and bikers is what Blessed Hellride is about, and they are known for great concerts!

Dirt-A-Gogo adds some Rockabilly with Hard Rock to the lineup and Plainride will present their Stoner Rock ´n` Roll at Wacken. Need some more punk? No problem! Der Wahnsinn and The Bloodstrings are playing some heavy punk music.

The last band for today got a Chinese name but hails from Frankfurt am Main in Germany: Chuan-Tzu is a fine Neo-Thrash band with some creazy ideas! "

Elmun Wacken lisäbussi täyttymässä hyvää vauhtia, lisätiedot Wacken festarilipun sisältävästä matkasta: https://matkailu.elmu.fi/wacken-open-air
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24 Touko 2018, 18:14

Nyt alkaa olemaan viimeinen hetki ilmoittautua Wacken Open Air 2018 bussimatkalle 29.7-6.8.
Viimeinen bussi alkaa jo täyttymään.
Elmu ry:llä vielä n.10 paikkaa jäljellä Wacken festarilipuilla.

Lisätiedot esiintyjistä ja Wacken festarimatkasta : https://matkailu.elmu.fi/wacken-open-air
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