M: heviä ja metallia. ~90xCD = 70 eur postikuluineen

Osto- ja myynti-ilmoitukset ja distrolistat. Huutokauppalinkit kielletty.
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Myyntiin CD-levyjä.
Levyt käytettyjä mutta kuuntelukelpoisessa kunnossa.
Tarkempaa tietoa painoksesta saa kysyä.

Yhteydenotot yksityisviestein.

Koko paketti hintaan 70 euroa postikuluineen.

Absolute Of Malignity Absolute Of Malignity
Algaion General Enmity
Ampütator Ampütator
Anthrax Sound Of White Noise
Arcanus Tenebrae Odium In Homines
Asmodée Symptômes De Ruine
Atanab Black Magic
Atomizer Caustic Music For The Spiritually Bankrupt
Atomizer The Death Of Forever
Bewitched Hell Comes To Essen
Black Label Society The Blessed Hellride
Black Sabbath The Best Of Black Sabbath
Blake Starbringer
Blake Planetizer
Brown Jenkins Angel Eyes
Catacombs Echoes Through The Catacombs
Cattle Press Hordes To Abolish The Divine
Chainerdog Journey To The Omega
Corporal Punishment Stonefield Of A Lifetime
D-A-D No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims
D-A-D Riskin' It All
D-A-D Scare Yourself
Danzig Danzig III: How The Gods Kill
December Wolves Blasterpiece Theatre
December Wolves Completely Dehumanized
Desolation The Stone Oracles
Diabolical Synergy / A Thousand Deaths
Dordeduh Dar De Duh
Drephjard Maktdominans
Elysium Feedback
Engorge Cold Black Ejaculation
Fair To Midland Fables From A Mayfly: What I Tell You Three Times Is True
Faith No More Album Of The Year
Far From Mind Breakpoint '33
Feuersturm Apokalypse
Fiend Black Abhorrent Metal
Fleshcrawl Crawling In Flesh
Glow Dive Into The Sun
Glow Gone, But Never Forgotten
Godsplague Evilution
Godsplague Triumph
Gräuen Pestanz / Miasma Into The Fire Of Isolation
Hellfueled Volume One
Hemlock Bleed The Dream
Highgate Highgate
Hypocrisy Hypocrisy
Iron Maiden Edward The Great (The Greatest Hits)
Irrwisch Irrwisch
Killswitch Engage As Daylight Dies
Koca Злопоглощение (Evilabsoption)
Kythrone Kult Des Todes
Kyyria Alien
M.A.N Peacenemy
Megadeth The System Has Failed
Meslamtaea New Era
Nevermore This Godless Endeavor
Nicht Part 1 Catalepsy Sinks
Noctis Despair
Ornias Death Bringer
Ozzy Osbourne Black Rain
Ozzy Osbourne Down To Earth
Primus Tales From The Punchbowl
Respect Despair
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe
Rob Zombie Past, Present & Future
Schmerz Chronika
Secretpath The Choice
Sigillum Diaboli Sigillum Diaboli
Slayer God Hates Us All
Slayer Reign In Blood
Slayer Divine Intervention
Slayer South Of Heaven
Slowgate Force Of The Unknown
Suicidal Tendencies Still Cyco After All These Years
Sundown Design 19
Teratism Pure Unadulterated Hate
The Crown Deathrace King
The Haunted Revolver
Thine Eyes Bleed In The Wake Of Separation
ThorE Revenge
Thou Art Lord Orgia Daemonicum (promo)
Torn Apart Craving Pale Flesh
Trayjen Walking Among The Stones Of Fire
Turisas Battle Metal
Turisas To Holmgard And Beyond
Turisas The Varangian Way
Ulvdalir Soul Void
Various The Unholy Bible
VOTUR Planet Cemetery
Warage Black Metal War
Warhorn Expanded Holocaust
Way To End Desecrated Internal Journey
Yaotl Mictlan Guerreros De La Tierra De Los Muertos
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