M/V: CD/LP/DVD (metalli, punk, rac, oi, industrial...)

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Viestit: 100
Liittynyt: 25 Elo 2002, 15:48
Paikkakunta: Vantaa

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4,0e 2PAC: Greatest Hits (2CD; rap)
4,0e 5 ROYALES, THE: Right Around The Corner (doo-wop)
3,0e 50 CENT: Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ (rap)
1,0e 51KOODIA: Nimetty
1,0e 51KOODIA: Mustat Sydämet
0,5e A GRUESOME FIND: Ravens Of The Full Moon Eclipse (CDr; US black/death metal, demo)
3,0e A GRUESOME FIND: The Fire That Burns In Hell (US black/death metal)
3,0e A GRUESOME FIND: Minions Engage (US black/death metal)
3,0e ABSTRRAKT TORRMENT: The Will To Torture (cdr; noise/dark ambient/industrial)
3,0e ACCURSED: Weapon Be Thy Name (Australian death/thrash/black metal)
4,0e ADELE: 19 (2CD:n re-release)
4,0e ADELE: 21
1,0e ALANNAH MYLES: s/t (rock)
3,0e ALICE COOPER: Classicks
4,0e ALLERSEELEN/SANGRE CAVALLUM: Barco Do Vinho (split, neofolk)
3,0e ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, THE: At Fillmore East (live)
0,5e AMERICAN PSYCHO: Industrial Darkwave Inspired By The Classic Book (industrial)
2,0e AMY WINEHOUSE: Back To Black
3,0e ANGELIC UPSTARTS: The EMI Years (punk/oi)
5,0e ANGERS CURSE: s/t (Swedish hardcore)
5,0e ANTI-FLAG: American Spring (punk)
6,0e AOM (ALL OVER MANIACS): Kohtalon Disko (punk)
3,0e APOCALYPTICA: Plays Metallica By Four Cellos
3,0e ARCADE FIRE: Neon Bible
2,0e AS ALL DIE: Failure Of Human Spirit (Neofolk/Dark Ambient)
7,0e ASTRO ZOMBIES: Frog Legs (psychobilly)
10,0e BAGADOU STOURM/D.S.H.: split (French rac)
6,0e BARKING DOGS: Royal Aces (German oi/rac; small misprint on cover)
7,0e BASTARD SONS OF CAVAN: Masks, Megaphones & Mayhem!! (psychobilly)
0,5e BEERTRAPS, THE: s/t (CDr, sleazy rock n roll)
0,1e BEETHOVEN: Clasicos Imprescindibles
0,1e BELETH/WINGS OF WAR: The Flame Of Evil (CDr; black metal)
1,0e BENEFACTOR DECEASE: Anatomy Of An Angel (technical thrash metal)
0,1e BERLIN: Extended Version (lo-fi live)
5,0e BESTIAL MOCKERY: Slaying The Life (black metal)
8,0e BETTER DEAD THAN RED: Marx Was Wrong (rac)
2,0e BHAOBHAN SIDHE: Gas Chamber Music (synth stuff)
6,0e BILLY STORM: This Is The Nite (R&B, soul)
4,0e BIRTHDAY PARTY, THE: Hits (Nick Cave!)
7,0e BISSON AND THE VIKINGS/FILOPATRIA: Vikings Meets The Spartans (split; swe/gre split rac)
8,0e BLOOD RED EAGLE: Return To Asgard (viking rock/rac)
8,0e BLOOD RED EAGLE: Burning Down The Churches (viking rock/rac)
8,0e BLUE CATS, THE: The Tunnel (neobilly)
4,0e BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Live In Chicago 2CD (live from 2002)
3,0e BLUEGRASS STUFF: The Old Bridge (bluegrass)
0,5e BLUES BROTHERS BAND, THE: Live In Montreux
3,0e BOB MALMSTRÖM: Vi Kommer I Krig (metallic hardcore)
4,0e BOB SEGER: Beautiful Loser (rock)
4,0e BOB SEGER & THE SILVER BULLET BAND: Night Moves (rock)
2,0e BON JOVI: Crossroad (compilation)
3,0e BONSAI KITTEN: Occupy Yourself! (psychobilly)
3,0e BONSAI KITTEN: Mindcraft (psychobilly/punk)
7,0e BROKK/ENHÄRJARNA: I Frostdimmans Hemvist (split; viking rock)
1,5e BUDDY HOLLY: The Very Best Of… (2CD; a comprehensive and classy release from budget label Not Now)
15,0e BULLDOG BREED: The Complete Collection 1994-2002 (2CD, rac)
3,0e BUZZ OFF EVIL: The Rape And Revenge Of… (horror punk)
2,0e C. ROWN AND THE CORONETS: Give Me A Taste! (rockabilly)
5,0e CAPLETON: More Fire
7,0e CARCEREDURO: D’éstoc Et De Taille (viking rock)
2,5e CENTINEX: Hellbrigade (Swedish death metal)
1,0e CHRIS REA: The Best Of…
5,0e CHRIST AGONY: Darkside (dark/black metal)
7,0e CHUCK MEAD: Free State Serenade (country)
10,0e CLANDESTINE BLAZE: Fire Burns In Our Hearts (Finnish black metal; 3rd edition)
10,0e CLANDESTINE BLAZE: Deliverers Of Faith (Finnish black metal)
4,0e CLASH, THE: s/t (bio-degradable digipak; this is the UK version of the album. Essential punk classic)
4,0e CLO GOELACH: Baltic Filth (CDr; power electronics)
7,0e CODE 1: You Won’t Beat Us (oi!)
4,0e COLDBURN: Down In The Dumps (hardcore)
5,0e COUNTRY DARK, THE: Hypnic Jerk (country)
4,0e CREMATORS, THE: The New Breed (psychobilly)
5,0e CRIMINAL INTENT: Thug Rock (US oi)
0,1e CRISTAL SNOW: The Prophecy Of…
5,0e CRUDE SS: Create Your Own Life… (compilation, Swedish hardcore)
2,0e DAGGERPLAY: Urban Campfire Songs (punk)
3,0e DAUNTLESS: Death Row Poet (death/thrash metal)
6,0e DAVE ALVIN & PHIL ALVIN: Common Ground (blues)
2,0e DAVID BOWIE: Outside
4,0e DEAD WEATHER, THE: Dodge And Burn (garage rock, Jack White’s band)
5,0e DEAFNESS BY NOISE: Noize Deaf Forever/Roots Baby Roots (hardcore)
6,0e DEEZ NUTS: Binge & Purgatory (hardcore)
7,0e DER BLUTHARSCH AND THE INFINITE CHURCH OF THE LEADING HAND: The Cosmic Trigger (2CD, psychedelic rock/electronica)
8,0e DER BRETONISCHE WAFFENVERBAND: 20 And Déjà! (French rac)
5,0e DESOLATED: The End (metallic hardcore)
1,0e DIE SO FLUID: Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending (nu metallish stuff)
3,0e DILLIGAFS, THE: Hamina (CDr, oi/street punk)
5,0e DILLIGAFS, THE: Bad Boy Rock ‘n’ Roll (punk)
1,0e DISKREPANT: Ex Machina Libertas (industrial)
1,5e DOCTOR’S ORDER: Mean Business (rock ‘n’ roll/rhythm ‘n’ blues/etc.)
1,0e DOEL BROTHERS, THE: Oh, Brother It’s The Doel Brothers (country/rockabilly)
1,0e DOOBIE BROTHERS, THE: Listen To The Music – The Very Best Of… (souther rock, blue eyed soul)
3,0e DREAR/GREAT AMERICAN DESERT: Warring Against The Sun/Solipsis (black/doom metal split)
2,0e EDDIE RABBITT: The Platinum Collection (country)
3,0e END OF YOU: Unreal (gothic metal)
3,0e END OF YOU: Mimesis (gothic metal)
3,0e END OF YOU: Remains Of The Day (gothic metal)
8,0e ENDSTUFE: Steht Auf! (German oi/rac)
4,0e ENEMIES: Framing Choices To Silence Our Voices (hardcore)
2,0e ENIGMA: MCMXC a.D. Limited Edition (new age tms., special version w. hologram cover and four bonus tracks)
2,0e ENIGMA: Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (new age tms.)
1,0e ENYA: The Memory Of Trees
1,0e ENYA: Paint The Sky With Stars – The Best Of…
6,0e EVIL: Hammerstorm (Brazilian black metal)
1,0e EXIT WOUNDS: Deathpoint (CDr demo; death metal)
6,0e EXOTOENDO: Push Kara (ritualistic dark ambient)
4,0e EXTINCTION: The Black Hex (Abruptum-style black metal noise)
4,0e EXTINCTION: Down Below The Fog (black metal)
5,0e FALLBRAWL: Chaos Reigns (metallic hardcore)
1,0e FEILED: Midnight Poems (HIM-style rock)
1,0e FEILED: Testify
4,0e FIST OF STEEL: Sons Of Brazil (rac)
5,0e FIVE KEYS, THE: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (2CD, doo-wop)
5,0e FLESH ROXON: Flesh To The Bone (psychobilly)
6,0e FORBIDDEN RAGE: Oi! The End (oi; side project of Bisson from Steelcapped Strength)
2,0e FRAGILEHOLLOW: Effete Mind
3,0e FRANKIE LAINE: Rawhide (Compilation w. 28 tracks, including his most famous c&w hits)
9,0e FREKE: Tag Till Vapen (rac)
3,0e FRIED OKRA BAND: Back Into The River (blues)
8,0e GARROTA: Dalla Parte Sbagliata (oi/rac; Italy)
8,0e GARROTA: L’ora Del Riscatto (oi/rac; Italy)
1,0e GARTH BROOKS: Sevens (popcountry)
4,0e GARY NUMAN: New Anger (synthpop)
1,0e GENE VINCENT: s/t (Classy budget compilation by Starlite w. 17 tracks)
1,0e GENERIC: Torture (industrial)
5,0e GENIUS/GZA: Liquid Swords (Wu Tang-rap)
2,0e GEORGE BARNES: Quiet! Gibson At Work 1938-1957 (2CD; blues/jazz/tms.)
2,5e GLENN MILLER: The Very Best Of Glenn Miller (2CD compilation w. 48 tracks; swing)
4,0e GO GO CULT, THE: The Beat Of The… (garage/punk/psychobilly)
4,0e GOGOL BORDELLO: Super Taranta! (“gypsy punk”)
0,5e GOLD DUST: Hard Love (cdr, 80’s hard rock/heavy metal)
0,1e GORATH/TOD: Haunting The December Chords/Black Vengeance (cdr; black metal)
4,0e GRAMARY: Death Inbound (black metal)
2,0e GRAYSCALE: When The Ghosts Are Gone
2,0e GRUNTSPLATTER/SLOWVENT: split (noise/industrial)
4,0e GUADAÑA: s/t (oi!)
1,0e GULAGGH: Vorkuta (ambient/minimal/mitälie, ex-Stalaggh)
5,0e GUNS N’ ROSES: The Spaghetti Incident
5,0e GUY MITCHELL: The Best Of… (24 biisin kokoelma; easy listening tms.)
4,0e HAMMEMIT: Nature Mystic (ex-Emit; ambient/minimal)
1,0e HANK LOCKLIN: Please Help Me I’m Falling (country)
3,0e HANK SNOW: RCA Country Legends (country)
0,1e HANNA PAKARINEN: Stronger
4,0e HARD RESISTANCE: Euphemism (hardcore)
5,0e HARM/SHELTER: Paycheck (hardcore)
8,0e HATE CRIME: Live! (Suomi-rac)
6,0e HAYDEN THOMPSON: Learning The Game (rockabilly)
2,0e HAYLEYS, THE: Rotanpesä (sleazy rock-punk-metal)
1,0e HEAD ON: Changing Shape (punk/rock ‘n’ roll)
6,0e HECATE ENTHRONED: Dark Requiems… And Unsilent Massacre (gbr, melodic black metal)
6,0e HECATE ENTHRONED: Kings Of Chaos (gbr, melodic black/death metal)
0,5e HELL ICON: Asperitas Et Auctoritas Tuae, Quae Sunt Magistris Nostris In Motu Ad Te (CDr; black metal-kakofoniaa Abruptumin hengessä)
1,0e HELP ME DEVIL: Lokanta Hell (rock & roll/rockabilly)
1,0e HELLBOX: Infernothing (black/thrash metal)
5,0e HERO DISHONEST: Liha Ja Teräs (hardcore)
3,0e HOIST, THE: Pretty Sue Is Dead (Finnish oi!)
5,0e HOLE IN THE HEAD: Primitive Love (neobilly)
0,5e HONEYBEES, THE: In The Key Of Bee! (rockabilly)
8,0e HONOR/GRAVELAND: Raiders Of Revenge (rac vs. black metal)
1,5e HOT KOMMUNIST: 21. Sajandi Kodu (post-punk/weird rock/tms., JMKE members)
3,0e HOUSE OF PAIN: s/t (rap)
3,0e HOUSE OF PAIN: Same As It Ever Was (rap)
4,0e ICE CUBE: Death Certificate (rap)
1,0e IGGY POP: Collections (10 song collection w. stuff from 1979-1981)
7,0e INFECTED MUSHROOM: B.P. Empire (Israel, psytrance)
2,0e INTERPOL: s/t
9,0e INVOLVED PATRIOTS: Vinlandic Saga (rac, kokoelma)
2,0e IRON BUTTERFLY: In A Gadda Da Vida (60’s rock, apparently bootleg/unofficial early 90’s German pressing)
2,0e IRON MAIDEN: Dance Of Death
1,5e ISMO ALANKO: Hitit
3,0e J. HEARTHILL TRINITY: From Here To Trinity (folk/country)
4,0e JASON JAMES: s/t (country)
7,0e JERRY LEE LEWIS: The Knox Phillips Sessions – The Unreleased Recordings (rock & roll)
4,0e JET BLACK COMBO: Southern Style (rockabilly)
4,0e JET BLACK COMBO: s/t (rockabilly)
1,0e JOAN BAEZ: Songbird (2CD, kokoelma; folk)
1,0e JUICE NEWTON: Greatest Hits (country)
5,0e JULMA H: s/t (suomi-rap)
5,0e KAIRON; IRSE! Ujubasajuba (shoegaze/progressive rock)
5,0e KAIRON; IRSE!: Ruination (progressive rock)
1,0e KADAVER: Molested Into From (Noise)
3,0e KAVE: Dismal Radiance (dark ambient)
3,0e KEEP THE PROMISE: A Peaceful Mission Of War (metalcore)
1,0e KENNY CHESNEY: Welcome To The Fishbowl
3,0e KENNY DAVIN FINE: Brand New Road (country)
0,1e KENNY ROGERS: Legendary Gold 2CD
2,0e KING JAMES AND THE IDIOTS: Wicky Wacky (garage)
0,5e KING STAR: Sick Of Being Sick/The Masquerade (pop punk; cdr)
4,0e KISS: Revenge
1,0e KLINIKAL SKUM: Chosen Powerless (death industrial/dark ambient)
4,0e KOFFIN KATS: Party Time In The End Times (psychobilly)
3,0e KOTITEOLLISUUS: Tomusta Ja Tuhkasta
3,0e KOTITEOLLISUUS: Helvetistä Itään
8,0e KNUCKLES: First Fury (Finnish psychobilly)
3,0e KRAFTHEIM: s/t (oi/viikinkirokki)
0,5e L-RYHMÄ: Mestaajat Areenalla (EP/single)
2,0e LADY LUCK COMBO: Waiting For A Train (rockabilly)
8,0e LEMOVICE: s/t (oi/rac)
0,5e LIETEALLAS: Kakkonen (cdr, punk)
0,5e LIETEALLAS: Routa (cdr, punk)
5,0e LINK WRAY: The Rumbling Guitar Sound Of… (2CD, Not Now:n kokoelma)
4,0e LOST BOOTS: Come Cold, Come Wind (bluesy alt rock)
6,0e LOUIE SETZER: Jukebox Bluegrass (country)
4,0e LUCKY TUBB: Hillbilly Fever (country)
4,0e LUCKY TUBB: Del Gaucho (country)
5,0e MAC CURTIS: Songs I Wish I Wrote (rockabilly/country)
5,0e MAC CURTIS: The Rollin’ Rock Recordings Vol. 2 (rockabilly)
15,0e MACHT & EHRE: Best Of… (German heavy RAC; 2CD)
0,1e MADONNA: Wild Dancing
5,0e MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT: Underground Allegiance (US oi)
8,0e MANIA: Ultra-Negative (harsh noise/power electronics)
0,1e MANZANA: Falling To Pieces (single)
1,5e MARILYN MONROE: I Wanna Be Loved By You (2CD kokoelma)
2,0e MARCHLAND: In Guns We Trust (melometalli)
1,0e MARLON BRÄNDÖ: Greetings From The Mainstream (alt. rock)
1,0e MATHURESH: Metaphor (drum n bass tms)
3,0e MEGADETH: Youthanasia
3,0e MELENA: Murretaan Ja Vallataan! (punk)
4,0e MERLE HAGGARD: Strangers/Swinging Doors (country)
5,0e METALLICA: Reload
4,0e METSATÖLL: Hiiekoda (eestihevi)
1,0e MICROCLOCKS: Soon Before Sundown (hard rock/metal)
3,0e MIDNIGHT OIL: Blue Sky Mining
0,1e MIKE OLDFIELD: Earth Moving
4,0e MILES DAVIS: The Essential… (2CD kokoelma, jazz)
0,5e MIMICA: Failing Youth (cdr, emo/screamo/hardcore)
3,0e MINISTRY: The Land Of Rape And Honey (industrial metal)
4,0e MODERN ENGLISH: Life In The Gladhouse 1980-1984 (kokoelma; post-punk/new wave)
1,0e MODERNISTIT: Historia Oli Eilen (suomirock/pop)
7,0e MOLOTH: Sturm (nsbm, live)
6,0e M.O.R.A.: s/t (hardcore)
6,0e M.O.R.A.: Halveksunnan Aika (hardcore)
5,0e MORTUARY DRAPE: Buried In Time (black heavy metal)
3,0e MURDEROUS VISION: The Times Without Gods (dark ambient)
2,0e MUSCULUS: Six Pack (stoner/metal)
4,0e MUTANT APE: Worlds Collide (CDr, noise)
2,0e NAS: Nastradamus (rap)
5,0e NASTY: Shokka (metallinen hardcore)
2,0e NATIONAL, THE: Alligator
5,0e NECRO: Death Rap (horrorcore rap)
0,5e NELJÄ RUUSUA: Haloo
1,0e NEW DAWN FOUNDATION: Moment Of Clarity
3,0e NIK KERSHAW: Then & Now (kokoelma, kasaripop)
4,0e NINE INCH NAILS: Pretty Hate Machine
4,0e NINE INCH NAILS: The Downward Spiral
4,0e NINNI POIJÄRVI: Virta (folk/country)
3,0e NIRVANA: Nevermind
6,0e NITROVOLT: Dirty Wings (thrashing action rock)
9,0e NOKTURNAL MORTUM: Lunar Poetry (black metal; The End Records-versio)
7,0e NOKTURNAL MORTUM: Мировоззрение (Weltanschauung-levyn ukrainankielinen versio; black metal)
6,0e NORM AND THE NIGHTMAREZ: Psychobilly D.N.A. (psychobilly)
0,5e NUCLEAR HAMMER: In The Name Of Pain (CDr, demo; black metal)
5,0e ONLY ATTITUDE COUNTS: 20 Years Of Attitude (2CD; hardcore)
5,0e OPPRESSED, THE: Music For Hooligans (oi)
0,1e ORCHESTRAL MANOEUVRES IN THE DARK: Stand Above Me (pop; single)
3,0e OWL: Tapes 97-99 (noise)
4,0e PAGAN WINTER: The Cult Of Flesh (usbm)
1,0e PALE ROSES: The Rutted Road (neofolk)
6,0e PARIS VIOLENCE: Ni Fleurs Ni Couronnes (oi/post punk)
0,5e PAUL GAYTEN: Ain’t Nothin’ Happenin’ (blues/r’n’b)
4,0e PAYBACK: Bring It Back! (hardcore)
6,0e PERTTI KURIKAN NIMIPÄIVÄT: The Best Of Greatest Hits (Finnish punk)
7,0e PITMEN: Back To The Pit (German psychobilly)
6,0e POHJAST: Thou Strong, Stern Death (epic metal)
5,0e PRAYING FOR OBLIVION: Turm Schweigen (power electronics)
4,0e PSYCHWARD BREAKOUTS: s/t (Swedish psychobilly)
0,5e PUFF DADDY & THE FAMILY: No Way Out (rap)
4,0e QUARANTEDS, THE: World Wide Quarantine (psychobilly)
2,0e RAINBOW: Pot Of Gold
1,0e RANDY TRAVIS: Full Circle (popkantri)
6,0e RAZORBLADE: Gegen Die Masse (oi)
3,0e REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS, THE: Dark Days Dark Nights (rockabilly)
3,0e REACH AROUND RODEO CLOWNS, THE: Rockabilly Deluxe (rockabilly)
1,0e RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS: One Hot Minute
4,0e RELENTLESS: A Loving Memory (punkabilly)
0,5e RICK TREVINO: Looking For The Light (country)
3,0e ROD STEWART: Some Guys Have All The Luck (2CD compilation)
1,0e ROLLINGEXILE: Hardline (rock)
11,0e ROY ACUFF: KIng Of Country Music (4CD, country)
3,0e RUBBER CHUKKS: Queen Of Hell! (rockabilly/neobilly)
3,0e RUDY GREEN: Wild Life! (blues)
6,0e RUMBLE ON THE BEACH: The Early Years 1985-1988 (neobilly)
0,1e RUTTOLAPSET: Vala (cdr, demo; death metal)
6,0e RYKER’S: Hard To The Core (hardcore)
6,0e RYKER’S: Never Meant To Last (hardcore)
6,0e SALVATION: Resurrect The Tradition (hardcore)
7,0e SAXON: Into The Labyrinth (CD+DVD)
1,0e SCHLENSAG: Persona (CDr, saksalaista country/folkkia)
5,0e SCUM: The Fights Goes On (The Collection) (oi; pre-March Or Die)
3,0e SEASON OF WAR: Sordid Tales (cdr; industrial)
2,0e SHAMRAIN: Deeper Into The Night
5,0e SHUB NIGGURATH: Horror Creatures (death metal)
10,0e SICK SEED: The Great Corrupter (Finnish power electronics – essential album!)
4,0e SID VICIOUS: Sid Sings
1,5e SIGNMARK: s/t CD + DVD
0,5e SISÄILMAONGELMA: Miten Tämän Saa Loppumaan (CDr, punk)
7,0e SKINFULL: Good Intentions… Bad Ideas (UK oi!)
1,0e SKREPPERS, THE: Stilettos (punk-rockabilly)
6,0e SKYCLAD: Another Fine Mess (acoustic stuff and live stuff)
4,0e SKYCLAD: A Semblance Of Normality (folk metal)
2,0e SNOOP DOGG: Tha Last Meal (rap)
5,0e SPADE COOLEY: Swingin’ The Devils Dream (2CD, western swing)
7,0e SPEARHEAD: Gotta Keep Fighting (rac)
8,0e S.T.A.B. ELECTRONICS: Born For Righteous Abuse/Temple Of Self-Disgust (power electronics)
2,0e STATLER BROTHERS, THE: An American Legend (country)
7,0e STEEL HOOK PROSTHESES: Exploring The Outer Lesion (cdr; death industrial)
2,0e STEPPENWOLF: The Very Best Of…
4,0e STEVE EARLE: I Feel Alright (country)
1,0e STONETONE: Would Be Warriors (pop punk)
6,5e STRANGLERS: Jump Over My Shadow (2CD kokoelma, liveä ja studiokamaa)
5,0e STRAY CATS: Runaway Boys (2CD, kokoelma, rockabilly)
8,0e SULTANS, THE: More Houserockin’ And Other Boogies (Läjä Äijälä-blues boogie)
12,0e SURPLUS HUMANITY: Action (2cdr, noise/industrial)
3,0e T-BIRD GANG: It’s Showtime (suomi-rockabilly)
4,0e TEARS FOR FEARS: Tears Roll Down (Greatest Hits 82-92) (80’s pop, kokoelma)
4,0e TEARS FOR FEARS: Classic (80’s pop, kokoelma)
4,0e TED NUGENT: s/t (remastered re-release)
4,0e TED NUGENT: Cat Scratch Fever (remastered re-release)
9,0e TEDDY AND THE TIGERS: Golden Years – 42 Great Rockabilly Hits! (2cd kokoelma, rockabilly)
7,0e TEMPLARS: Reconquista (oi)
8,0e TEMPLARS: Deus Vult (oi)
2,5e TENEBRE: Descend From Heaven (mini, gootti/tms.)
17,0e TERETH: Curses Veiled As Voices (cd-r, ritual/dark ambient)
8,0e TERROR: The Damned, The Shamed (hardcore)
3,0e THEE MERRY WIDOWS: Revenge Served Cold (girlpower-psychobilly)
6,0e THROAT: Short Circuit (noise rock)
5,0e TIAMAT: Amanethes (goottimetal)
8,0e TIMEBOMB: Streetcore Rock ‘n’ Roll (rac)
5,0e TOHTORI KOIRA: Mitä Sieltä Tulee (Finnish punk)
9,0e TOLBIAC’S TOADS: l’Integrale 1981-1994 (2CD digipak; essential French Oi!)
0,5e TRISTANIA: World Of Glass
6,0e TRUE FROST, THE: …In Eternal Strife (black metal)
2,0e UNDERWATER SLEEPING SOCIETY: Instrumental Healthcare (indie)
1,0e VANESSA PARADIS: Divinidylle
1,0e VANILLA ICE: To The Max (rap-klassikko!)
0,5e VANITY-NATION: Collapsing Is Alright (cdr, punk)
2,0e VEHEMENCE: Helping The World To See (death metal)
1,0e VELEHENTOR: Bleaching Of Penury (cdr, harsh noise)
0,1e VELONNIC SIN: s/t (cdr demo, black metal)
10,0e VINLAND WARRIORS: Oath To My Friend (metallic RAC from Canada)
5,0e VIRGIN PRUNES: The Moon Looked Down And Laughed
5,0e VOMIT ARSONIST, THE: Wretch (power electronics)
5,0e VOMIT ORCHESTRA: Macabre Paradigm (2CD)
4,0e VOODOO SWING: To You My Friend (rockabilly)
10,0e WARRIOR KIDS: Les Kids d’Estrangin (2CD, paksu digibook-kokoelma; ranska-oi!)
8,0e WATAIN: Casus Luciferi (black metal)
8,0e WATAIN: Sworn To The Dark (black metal)
2,0e WATCH YOUR BACK: Traditional (hc)
8,0e WAYNE HANCOCK: A-Town Blues (country; Bloodshot Records version)
2,0e WAYNE WALKER: How Do You Think I Feel?
7,0e WEST TEXAS CRUDE: Guess What (rockabilly)
2,0e WILD GONERS, THE: Got What It Takes (rockabilly)
4,0e WILLIE NELSON: Stardust (2CD uusintajulkaisu)
4,0e WILLIE NELSON: Moment Of Forever
4,0e WILLIE NELSON: Let’s Face The Music And Dance
1,0e WILLIE NELSON: The Best Of… (18 biisin halpiskokoelma)
3,0e WITCHDOKTORS, THE: Voodoo Eye (garage punk)
5,0e WITHERED: Memento Mori (death metal)
5,0e WOODY GUTHRIE: This Machine Kills Fascists (3CD boksi)
4,0e WU-TANG CLAN: 8 Diagrams (CD+DVD)
2,0e XZIBIT: Restless (rap)
3,0e YES: The Ultimate Yes (2CD kokoelma)
2,0e YUP: Normaalien Maihinnousu
2,0e ZINC ROOM: In Wooden Room (dark ambient)
4,0e ZZ TOP: ZZ Top’s First Album
40,0e V/A: ABC Of The Blues (52CD, blues; huuliharppu puuttuu)
6,0e V/A: Best Of British Psychobilly Vol. 1 (Western Star -lafkan kokoelma)
0,5e V/A: Black Whole Styles (hip hop/rap)
3,0e V/A: Cole Porter – The Essential Collection (2CD, Cole Porterin sävellyksiä mm. Fred Astairen, Frances Dayn, Perry Comon ja Frank Sinatran esittämänä)
2,0e V/A: Country Hall Of Fame 2 (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels Band, Tammy Wynette, Dolly Parton jne.)
1,0e V/A: Country Legends (Hank Williams, Gene Autry, Spade Cooley, Porter Wagoner jne.)
0,5e V/A: Dirty Home Of Riot Rock ‘n’ Roll (People Like You-kokis; Roger Miret & The Disasters, Meteors, yms)
10,e V/A: God Save This Box (10CD punkboksi; https://www.discogs.com/Various-God-Sav ... ase/986098)
2,0e V/A: Got Them Hill Billy Blues (Vanhaa rock ‘n’ rollia/r’n’b:tä… mm. Chuck Berry, Rosco Gordon, Roy Brown, Joe Clay. Yht. 32 biisiä)
1,0e V/A: Gothic Romance 3 – The Best Goth Love Songs (2CD; Indica, Lacuna Coil, Therion, Nightwish…)
0,5e V/A: Introducing The Rat Pack (3CD; Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Dean Martin)
1,0e V/A: Live & Jive Legends Vol. 2 (Batmobile, Go Getters, Troubled Three…)
3,0e V/A: Metal On Metal (suomirässikokoelma)
0,1e V/A: Metalliliitto
4,0e V/A: The N.W.A. Legacy Volume 1 (1988-1998) (2CD, rap; kokoelma artisteja jotka tavalla tai toisella liittyvät NWA:han)
3,0e V/A: Over The Top Doo-Wops Vol. 1
1,0e V/A: Saints And Sinners (slipcase; Wolverine Records-kokoelma, mm. Francine, Hybrid Children, Gutter Demons, Sarah Blackwood…)
1,5e V/A: Sign Of The Hammer (2CD; Hammerheart-kokis. Primordial, Macabre, Aura Noir, Dimmu Borgir, Vader…)
0,1e V/A: Soundi 2002 (Yö, Ultra Bra, Apulanta, Charon, Black League…)
2,0e V/A: The Story Of Blue Beat (3CD; ska)
2,0e V/A: The Sun Blues Box (blueskokoelma, slipcase)
7,0e V/A: Thanks, Bro: A Tribute To Ken & Brutal Attack (rac)
2,0e V/A: Too Late To Be Good – Vocal Harmony Vanguard 1937-52 (doo wop)
4,0e V/A: We Will Never Die! Vol. 2 (oi/rac-kokoelma, mm. Sturmtrupp, The Gits, Kampfzone…)

Promo CD’s etc.
(not for sale, ask for these as extras to orders!)
ARSEN ROULETTE: Dear You (promo, takakannen viivakoodi tussattu; rockabilly)
CRYFEMAL: Raising Deads… Buring Alives!! (promo, CDr + valokopioidut kannet; black metal)
DEVIL ‘N’ US, THE: Devil’s Music (promo, normi-jewelcasejulkaisu jossa viivakoodin kohdalla reikä; psychobilly feat. Hellvis of Mad Sin)
EK1: Nibelungen (promo, CDr + kasetin kannet. experimental/ambient tms.)
FROSTMOON ECLIPSE: Death Is Coming (promo, CDr + kansivihko; black metal)
JOE FRUSTRATION: Beat Down Ballads (etukansi puuttuu. HC-äijän akustisia angstailuja)
JUKE JOINT PIMPS: The Gospel Pimps (CD + kansilehtinen. Garage blues trash)
KICKSTARTS: s/t (pelkkä CD. Hardcore)
KRATORNAS: Grave Samples (CDr, viiden biisin promokokoelma vm. 2002-2003 julkaisuilta. Primitiivinen black metal)
LULLACRY: Be My God (Normaali jewelcase-kotelo kansineen, vain CD:ssä on promomerkinnät. Heavy rock)
ORNIAS: Födelse (cdr + lyric sheet; ruotsi-black metal)
ROKY HILL AND THE GARDEN OF DAGGERS: Between The Sessions (slipcase, alternative electronica)
STONETONE: Red To White (CDr, slipcase. Pop punk)
V/A: Close-Up Made Us Do It (slipcase, promokokoelma jolla mm. The Haunted, Nasum, Nine yms.)
V/A: Roots! Riot! Rumble! (slipcase; Wolverine Recordsin kokoelma, mm. Kitty In A Casket, The Hellfreaks, Bonsai Kitten, Graveyard Johnnies & The Silver Shine)

(condition: vinyl/covers)

4,0e ADAM AND THE ANTS: Kings Of The Wild Frontier [NM/VG+]
11,0e AGNOSTIC FRONT: One Voice [NM/NM] (Strength Records re-release; hardcore)
4,0e AMERICA: Hearts [NM/VG+] (60’s folk rock tms)
3,0e AUTOGRAPH: Sign In Please [VG/VG] (kasariheviä/hard rockia)
6,0e BAD MANNERS: Loonee Tunes! [NM/VG+] (2tone ska)
5,0e BING CROSBY: Live At The London Palladium [VG+/VG+] (2LP, crooner/easy listening/swing)
1,0e BOGART COMPANY: New Games [VG+/VG] (vittu)
8,0e BURIAL HEX/IRON FIST OF THE SUN: Actaeon/Grown Under English Ice [NM/NM] (split, power electronics/industrial/tms.)
23,0e CELTIC FROST: Into The Pandemonium [NM/NM] (Earmark-painos v. 1999)
1,0e CIMARONS, THE: Reggaebility [VG+/VG+] (reggae)
6,0e CONTEMPTUOUS: From The Ashes 2003-2006 [NM/NM] (svedu-oi!)
6,0e CRUCIAL CHANGE: So It Begins [NM/NM] (jenkki-oi!)
6,0e CRUCIAL CHANGE: Mourning In America [NM/NM] (EP, jenkki-oi!)
5,0e DISTURBED MOTHER FUCKER: Life Is So Serious [NM/NM] (oi)
3,0e ENIGMA: MCMXC a.D. [VG/VG] (ambient/new age/jne.)
5,5e HARD RESISTANCE: Lawless & Disorder [NM/NM] (hardcore)
12,0e KRIMINALS, THE: s/t [NM/NM] (italo-oi!)
4,0e MACK 10: Bang Or Ball [NM/VG+] (2LP, rap)
4,5e MADDOG SURRENDER: s/t [NM/NM] (jenkki-oi!)
6,0e MATCHBOX: Riders In The Sky [VG+/VG] (rockabilly; Charlyn uusintajulkaisu vm. 1978)
8,0e V/A: 20 Rockabilly Hits [VG/VG] (oranssi läpinäkyvä vinyyli; suomalainen 80’s kokoelma 50’s jenkki-rockabillyä)

(all tapes have been played through to verify they work)

0,1e ADIEMUS: Songs Of Sanctuary (new age/ambient/whatever)
4,0e ANAL DRILL: Vulgar Public Display (harsh noise/power electronics feat. Richard Ramirez)
5,0e AYMREV ERKROZ PREVRE: Demos I & II (dark ambient)
8,0e BIZARRE UPROAR: Private Live 1/1/2011 Helsinki (harsh noise/power electronics)
5,0e BIZARRE UPROAR: Likainen Ehtoollinen (2nd edition; harsh noise/power electronics)
3,0e BLANK FLAGS: Blank Flags (harsh noise walls)
5,0e BLUE ÖYSTER CULT: Some Enchanted Evening (classic hard rock; live. Original tape from 1978)
4,0e BRANDKOMMANDO: Liquid Times (power electronics)
4,0e CADAVER GUTTER: Humanity Is Overrated (Finnish power electronics)
4,0e CONSENSUAL RAPE: Your Body Is Broken (power electronics)
4,0e CREATION THROUGH DESTRUCTION/SSRI: split (power electronics)
3,0e IMPETIGO: Rhode Island Death Fest Club Baby Head, Providence April The 11th 1992 (grindcore/death metal; live; bootleg)

1,0e PAUKI, THE: 15 лет за бортом! (musavideoita, livepätkää yms., “beer punk”)
1,0e POACHERS, THE: Lucky 13 Years Of Money Honey (DVDr, bootleg?; live)
3,0e REBEL SCUM (Hated- ja The Story Of Anvil -henkinen dokkari The Dirty Works -punkbändistä)

(unless explitictly specified, any format [CD, vinyl, tape] is OK)
ABSU: Barathrum V.I.T.R.I.O.L
ADRAMELECH: Psychostasia, The Fall, Seven, Terror Of Thousand Faces
ANATOMIA: Dissected Humanity CD/LP
ASCENDED DEAD: Abhorrent Manifestation
BEAR MACE: Butchering The Colossus
BEGRIME EXEMIOUS: The Enslavement Conquest
BELIAL: The Gods Of The Pit Pt. II (Paragon So Below)
BENEDICTION: Transcend The Rubicon
CADAVERIC INCUBATOR: Sermons Of The Devouring Dead LP
CEMETARY: An Evil Shade Of Grey, Godless Beauty
CHTHE’ILIST: Le Dernier Crépuscule
COFFINS: offer!
CONVULSE: World Without God, Evil Prevails CD
CORPSESSED: The Dagger And The Chalice
DEATH: Scream Bloody Gore, Leprosy
!!! DEATH IN JUNE: offer!
DEICIDE: Once Upon The Cross, In Torment In Hell, s/t LP
DESOLATOR: Unearthly Monument
DISSECT: Swallow Swouming Mass
DISMA: Towards The Megalith
EDGE OF SANITY: The Spectral Sorrows
ENCOFFINATION: Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh
ENTRAILS: Raging Death, The Tomb Awaits
EPITAPH: Seeming Salvation
EX DEMENTIA: Thou Shall Repulse, In The Chapters Of Horror, The Red Mass, Crack The Coffin
EXCRUCIATE: Passage Of Life
FLESHCRAWL: Descend Into The Absurd, Bloodsoul
FUNERUS: Festering Death
GALVANIZER: Sanguine Vigil
GORGUTS: Considered Dead
GOREFEST: Mindloss, False, Erase, La Muerte
GRAND SUPREME BLOOD COURT: Bow Down Before The Blood Court
HAEMORRHAGE: Hospital Carnage
HOODED MENACE: Effigies Of Evil, Darkness Drips Forth
IMMOLATION: Dawn Of Possession
INFESTER: To The Depths In Degradation
JUNGLE ROT: Fueled By Hate, Kill On Command
LURKING FEAR, THE: Out Of The Voiceless Grave
MALEVOLENT CREATION: The Ten Commandments, Retribution, Eternal, Envenomed II
MORTIFICATION: Scrolls Of The Megilloth
OPPROBRIUM: Beyond The Unknown, Discerning Forces
!!! ORDO ROSARIUS EQUILIBRIO: Songs 4 Hate & Devotion
PERCUSSOR: Proclamation Of Hate
PURTENANCE: Member Of Immortal Damnation, …To Spread The Flame Of Ancients, Crown Awaits The Immortal, MCMXCI-MCMXCII
PUTERAEON: The Esoteric Order
PUTREVORE: Morphed From Deadbreath
REVOLTING: The Terror Threshold
ROGASH: Supremacy Undone
SUFFOCATION: Human Waste, Breeding The Spawn
TOMB MOLD: Primordial Malignity
UNDERGANG: Indhentet Af Doden, Til Doden Os Skiller, Misantropologi, Doden Lager Alle Sår (CD/LP)
VADER: The Art Of War, The Empire, Impressions In Blood, Revelations, Sothis, Tibi Et Igni, The Ultimate Incantation
VORUM: Grim Death Awaits
WAR MASTER: Pyramid Of The Necropolis, Blood Dawn
WITCH VOMIT: Poisoned Blood
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Lisäyksiä etenkin älppäripuolella, lisää tulossa lähipäivinä kunhan kerkeää hyllyä käydä läpi.
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Vinyylejä lisätty, täällä kiinnostusta saattaisi herättää esim. NM/NM -kunnossa oleva vuoden '99 painos Celtic Frostin Into The Pandemoniumista
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Lisätty sekä CD:tä että vinyyliä, CD-puolella esim. Ted Nugentia
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Iso liuta CD:itä lisätty, esim. iso mälli Amon Amarthia
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Listoja päivitetty, lisätty esim. Deez Nutsia, Itä-Saksaa ja Bob Malmströmiä
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Päivityksiä. Paljon on hyvää kamaa tarjolla kohtuuhinnoin, ja etenkin isommissa satseissa on tinkausvaraa!
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Poistoja. Want-listan levyistä voin tarjota ainakin CD:iden puolesta 2:1 tai 3:1 vaihtosuhdetta, vähän tietenkin levystä yms. riippuen.
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Kovaa kamaa lisätty, mm. Gorementin The Ending Quest, Enthronedin Blackend Collection ja kasa oi:ta
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18 Helmi 2018, 11:55

Clandestine Blazea, Hecate Enthronedia, Sick Seediä, Eviliä ja muuta kovaa kamaa lisätty myyntiin.
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