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Lähetetty: 02 Maalis 2019, 00:39
Kirjoittaja Heavyjuuseri
Mölybdeeni 1.3.19
M.I.GOD.: Vertigo
Caustic Vomit: Intro - Immured In Devouring Rot
Inferitvm: Malleus Maleficarum
Męka: Forsaken
Zohamah: Broken Mirror
Embrional: Lord of Skulls
Wretched Fate: Writhe
Lazy Bonez: Tears of Gold
Negative Wall: Hybrid Genus Serpentis
Telümehtår: The Grey Wolf
Tempestarii: Shroud of Horns
Hazpiq: From Dust
Refusal: Disregard
Death Is Death: Death Wears Suit
Cil City: Freedom
Climate of Fear: Storming the heavens
Helevorn: Forgotten Fields
Destroyers Of All: Break the Chains
Ahl Sina: Miracle to Demise
Graveyard Shifters: Back to the grind
Plained: Erupted Material
Wolfhorde: Forged in Ice
Straytones: Dark Lord
Enime: Stay away
Ambrotos: Cosmic Annulus
Almøst Human: Naked Now
Kaamos Warriors: Ikuisen Talven Sarastus
Freedom Fuel: Can't Get Enough
Queensrÿche: Blood of the Levant
Heretical Sect: Punish The Christ
Wolf Counsel: Tomorrow Never Knows
Living The Fire: Gods Of War
Athanasia: Cyclops Lord
Mastord: Burden
Need2Destroy: Super Chango
Marianas Rest: Shadows
Dying Embers: Fields Of Fire
Porn: My Rotten Realm
Vulcanodon Phazer: Valkyrian Love
Public Grave: The Uprising Evil
Heretics Dream: A Price To Pay
M.I.GOD.: Titans Of The Void
Booby Trap: Full of Shit
The Old Fellow Bones: Four Flies On the Grey Velvet
Lucidity: Unveiled
Temple of the Fuzz: The Glowing of Satan
Nocturnal Hollow: Rotten Skull
Andeis: Skalkos blindons nahts
Mustan Kuun Lapset: Ikaros
The Grind Fever: Hope You Choke
Kaunis Kuolematon: Porteilla
2 Wolves: Tuhat Kertaa
Callejon: Palmen aus Plastik
Malevolent Creation: Canvas Of Flesh
Deserted Fear: Reflect The Storm
The Alligator Wine: The Flying Carousel
Hexvessel: Wilderness Spirit
Inner Shrine: Sakura

Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma La 27.4. klo 18

Lähetetty: 27 Huhti 2019, 21:06
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Mölybdeeni 27.4.19
Crestfallen Queen: Queen of Swords
Swim to Drown: Eclipse
Terrific Verdict: Lazy Jack
Unmasked: Home
De Lirium's Order: The Billion Year Contract
Thronehammer: Svarte Skyer Master
Sadism: This Burial Is Ours
Godhead Machinery: Above a Legion of Equals
Flashback Of Anger: Loaded Guns In Guitar Cases
Calico Jack: Grog Jolly Grog
Hellripper: Black Arts & Alchemy
Celophys: Papáver
Grave Violator: Back To The Cult
Countless Goodbyes: Faith In Me
Lost in Pain: The Great Illusion
Critical Extravasation: Sick Minds
Hedonihil: The Hedonist Anthem
Lyfordeath: Dawn Of Souls
Corrosive: Sleep Paralysis
Hootenanny Freaks: Storm is Rising
Tryer: Hunter S. Nixon
Othuum: The Anti Cosmic God
Schattenfall: Ein Riss durch alle Leben
Leash Eye: On Fire stream
Heavy Justice: Copy of Inmates
Angra Demana: Erode
Black Palle: Curse of Deadly Lake
Superdiesel: Memory Lane
Cabrio: Seed Of Deception
A Day in Venice: Her body rocks
Vargsheim: Söhne der Sonne
Appalling: Epileptic Sermon
Bastardizer: Whiskey til Death

Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma

Lähetetty: 15 Kesä 2019, 11:56
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Mölybdeeni 4.5.2019
Red Moon Architect: Kuura Pt. 3
Kneel: Lessening
Frust: Hoffnung
Inferno Noir: Sin Eater
Cosmogyral: Path of Ruin
Tasteful Turmoil: The Phantom Fear
Laang 冷: Zǐdàn Kǒng 子弹孔
Nocturnal Witch: Scorn And Wrath
The Grind Fever: Antidote
Vanish: Frame By Frame
Excruciation: Towards the Sun
Progeny of Sun: Birthrigh Oblication
All Caps: Chocolate Grinder
Soulline: The Fall
Delirium: Der schwarze Jobst II
Monolyth: A Brave New World
SystemHouse33: Lake Of Sorrow
Darchon: Moros
Lord Vicar: Black Lines
Xilla: You Crawl Master
Ciconia: Katabatic
Enchantya: Once Upon a Lie
Holocausto Canibal: Objectofilia Platónica
Wishfield: Shallow Heap
Temple of the Stars: Fields of Time
Odious: Split Punishment
Iced Earth: Iced Earth
Humanart: Invocation
Sacred Sin: Guilt has no past
Chine: Line in the Dirt
Mollo Rilla: End Times Preacher
Grenouer: Infinite Grace
Monolith: End Of Times
Queensrÿche: Man The Machine
Toxic Ruin: Tyrannical Demise
XT: I want love
Magnetic Spacemen: Streetboy
Belzebubs: Nam Gloria Lucifer
Obiisss: Paranoia
Unfair Fate: Send Us to Our Graves
Selfless Orchestra: Eden is Lost
Necrutero: Cemetery Of Doom
Black Pestilence: Vertex
Hellvadec: Iron Soul
Midnight Bullet: One Man War
Gravefields: Sulphur Injection
Deorc Absis: Epanastasis
Black Tape Suicide: Bloody Valentine
Gunpowder Gray: Cut ME Out
The Picturebooks: The Day The Thunder Arrives
Buckcherry: Head Like A Hole
Rogers: Hartes Leben (feat. Schmiddelfinger)
Tronos: Birth Womb
Martyrdöd: Bait and Switch
Devin Townsend: Hear Me
Type O Negative: Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)

Re: MÖLYBDEENI äärimetalliohjelma

Lähetetty: 15 Kesä 2019, 22:48
Kirjoittaja Heavyjuuseri
Mölyn doom-etkot
Voidhaven: The Floating Grave
Absent/Minded: Shore
Forlet Sires: Dead Skin
Marianas Rest: The Deviant
Kval: Pohjanriitti
Oceanwake: Titanomachia

Mölybdeeni 15.6.19
Hermoromahdus: Valtias
Scythe For Sore Eyes: You C(o)unt
Horizons Edge: Demons
Death's-Head and the Space Allusion: Burning Desire
Kingbéast: Caving in
Dan Rider: Stronger
Chaos Factory: Juggernaut Is Coming
Blackwater Commotion: You'd Better Hide Out
UDK: Judge Me Wrong
SRL: Il Museo Delle Cere
Kaosis: Lowlife
Drontheim: Tre Lovløs Dager
Tormentor Bestial: Nephelins
Vladdermos: Darkness Comes Over The Transylvanian Hill
Black Dreams: Under My Skin
Porn: The Last Of A Million (Entropy Zero Remix)
Nachtfalter: Vollkommenheit
Dystocracy: From the Ruins of War (Year 6)
Übergang: Spiegelbild
Maniac Abductor: Hatebound
Giant Dwarf: Kepler
Necrotombs: Emptiness of Solitude
Necronomidol: Strange Aeons
Voidhaven: The Floating Grave
FallenTyrant: Bullshit Bombardment
Alase: Vapaaksi merkitty
Vorna: Syvyydet
Cipher: Nomad
Orbstruct: Utopian
Psychotool: See Them Die
Aphrodite: Pandora's Box Unleashed
At the Dawn: Dragon Heart
Atlases: Monolithe
Die on Friday: Chaos Theory
Sceptical Schizo: Hate No Control
Sanity Control: Swarm
Crush the Altar: Discastery Ruin
Reternity: Last Days Of War
Hellraise: Fairy Veil
Chronoform: Purist
Skånska Mord: Blinded By The Light
I Am The Arcane: Bibliophile
Blindberry Ghost: The Bridge
Godslave: T.N.A.
Vader: Angel of Death (Viimeinen biisi -äänestyksen toinen ehdokas: Metallica - One)