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Greetings from Mikrofoni.net

We are a small independent label from Hervanta, Finland and our philosophy as a label is to introduce marginal music from the timestopping realms of psychedelia to the uncontrolled streams of aggression. We aim to provide all our releases through Creative Commons licensing, so there’ll be lots of audio and video to be expected for you, free content loving hippies.

Our main interest concerning the release formats are tended to vinyl, but for obvious reasons there'll be few cd releases also. There'll be a lot of videos (including Hervanta Must Die live shows) and digital records available from other bands of our interest.

Our releases so far are:

MR. PETER HAYDEN "Faster Than Speed" (LP - Mikrofoni-001)

“But where Mr. Peter Hayden really stand apart is in the construction and arrangement of their material. Grandiose heavy psych excursions are nothing new, even with the elements of metallic crunch that the Kankaanpää six-piece incorporate, but where many of their center-galaxy-bound peers fill their extended track lengths with heady jamming and an improve feel – nothing against it, it works wonderfully when done well – Mr. Peter Hayden don’t lose sight of song structure no matter how far out they go.” - The Obelisk

TEMPLES "Periplaneta Nova" (CD - Mikrofoni-002 | LP - Mikrofoni-003)

"The end result is a head-bobbing, trance-inducing combo of Space Rock, Stoner Rock and Kraut Rock with subtle flourishes of Vedic influence which serves to heighten the consciousness shifting aspect of Temples’ music. . All of this with a faint Heremetic aesthetic lyrically and artistically. You should listen to this with your eyes closed." - Hellride

"These four songs breathe, move and twist and are constantly throwing out curve-balls that are hypnotic. Now there are plenty of this kind of heavy jam-rock bands circulating around the universe at the moment but few are so instantly addictive as this. I am almost lost for words about this. This is the best début release I have heard for a long time so this is highly recommended. Be ready to be crushed by their high volume riffing power and mesmerizing vibe. Simply brilliant....10/10. - Doommantia

CHAINERECTION "Heir to the Throne" (Mikrofoni-004)

“Unlike many other bands in this narrow genre, Chainerection is able to provide shitloads of positive cliches. It’s in the subtleties, like the slightly distorted vocals and sudden outbursts of speedfreaked riffs. And when you least expect it, they’ll grind you to the ground with some authentic stoner riffs.” – Mikko Aaltonen


Welcome to the congregation @ Mikrofoni.net

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Media, labeli, keikkajärjestäjä vai pluggeri? Pelimanneihinko oli tarkoitus postata vai URL-mainoksiin?
Mike Slayer

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Kelpo lafka.
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mape kirjoitti:Media, labeli, keikkajärjestäjä vai pluggeri? Pelimanneihinko oli tarkoitus postata vai URL-mainoksiin?
Tarkotus ois mennä jossain median ja labelin välissä: Koohotellaan digimuotosia julkasuja ja parhaat julkastaan fyysisinä. Toki sit valokuvat, videot yms. liirumlaarum.
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